All FES Co Ltd projects are installed and tested in accordance to the IEE Wiring Regulations and in line with our enrolment and membership of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting). Further to the industry testing and commissioning standards FES Co Ltd have uniquely developed a suite of software to enable graphical presentation of all test results, should the clients require this facility.


We also offer the following additional testing services:

  • Power quality and energy monitoring.
  • Harmonic analysing.
  • Thermal imaging.
  • Load bank testing.
  • Heat load testing.
  • Ducter testing (low impedance testing of electrical joints).
  • Earth rod resistance and lightning protection systems.
  • Voltage and current analysis of installations.
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT testing).
  • Heating and cooling air systems.
  • Heating and cooling pipe work wet systems.
  • Chlorination of fresh water systems.
  • Electrical reports and surveys.
  • Mechanical reports and surveys.

ECA ( The Electrical Contractors Association ) Membership
FES are a member of the ECA (electrical Contractors Association), the aim of the ECA is to support the industry and safeguard of the Customer.

The benefits are not only to the company member but are also there to safeguard the clientele as demonstrated in the following:

  • Specialist Insurance cover
  • Free Warranty of work scheme
  • Free Bond for the completion of work scheme
  • Inspection on demand scheme
  • Recognised and audited Company standards and procedures

All of the above details can be expanded on if the client wishes

NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting)
FES Co Ltd are an enrolled member of the NICEIC and has been assessed against the requirements of the NICEIC rules relating to enrolment and enrolled as an approved Contractor.


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